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Petrochemical & Plastics

This report (sometimes called the yellow report) provides continuous U.S. market coverage of 34 major petrochemicals and plastics.

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Feedstocks & Fuels

This report (sometimes called the orange report) provides continuous coverage of the world petroleum situation as well as the U.S. petroleum and natural gas industries.

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Single Client Studies

Need a specialized report? Let one of our highly skilled consultants tailor a report to your company or industry.

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Providing ongoing market research and analysis

Chemical Data, LLC. was founded in Houston, Texas in 1979 to provide timely and accurate analyses and forecasts of the ever-changing U.S. petroleum, petrochemical, and plastics markets. Our clients span the globe and include investment, energy, oil, chemical, and consumer product companies. Our clients also include a number of plastics converters and plastics consumers, both large and small.

The rapid acceptance of our company in the early 80's was primarily due to a genuine need for the high quality market data and forecasts that we provide. This information spans and links the petroleum and petrochemical industries from crude oil to plastics. We develop our analysis by thoroughly examining and surveying each of the major petroleum and petrochemical markets that we cover on a monthly basis. In effect, by covering a full range of petroleum and petrochemical products each and every month, we provide our clients with an up-to-date "big picture" of the plastics and petrochemical, and petroleum markets, as well as an ongoing analysis of each product in the chain. This includes a fresh, 18 to 24 month forecast by quarter for all of the products we cover. On an annual basis, our "Monthly Petrochemical and Plastics" subscribers also receive capacity, supply and demand, manufacturing economics, and historical pricing for each product in our publication.

For more information on exactly what is included in these studies, see the items under "Services" in the menu bar above. You can also give us a call and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have, as well as send you a complimentary issue of each report.